Swim Timetable and Prices

The Community Swim is lane swimming sessions available to anyone from 14 years old and over who can swim at least 30m. Check out the swim times, and learn how to join below.

*If you are attending the 12-1pm session during the week, we advise a 15min changing time. This is due to their being school sessions either side of the community swim session.

Some Community Swim Sessions share the pool with other activities.

Spring Term Timetable 2017 

Community Swim Timetable - Autumn 2015


How to pay

Tickets for a single Community Swim session can now be bought in advance at Forest YMCA (642 Forest Road). Just go to the YMCA, buy a ticket or several tickets in advance for future use then come over the road for a swim!

If you are swimming more than twice a week the Community Swim monthly membership will work out to be the cheaper option. Monthly membership can now be ordered online.